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            Defendants are a vital aspect of any court case and legal proceeding in the United States. This page is meant to clarify what defendants are and what purpose they serve.

            Defendants are people that are being sought after in a civil case, where another party called the plaintiff is seeking civil relief or reimbursement from the defendant in question.

            Defendants can also be referred to as respondents in a civil case. Defendants are the accused party in a civil case, where the plaintiff is the party that issued the complaint. Defendants can make an appearance in court during the course of the case’s lifespan; however, most of the time defendants do not end up showing up because they are represented by their lawyer/attorney.

           Without proper service of process on defendants, a case cannot truly begin. Process serving has a bigger importance than most realize, as it marks the initial stages of a civil case beginning and it allows the judge/jury establish jurisdiction over the defendant (s) in question.

Without knowing exactly where the defendant resides or is employed, service of process cannot be made. A.C.E. goes through an extensive and exhaustive investigation of public records, people, records and more to assure finding the defendant occurs in a timely manner.

Private investigation and skip tracing are two tactics that aid in tracking down defendants.

            The two practices can go hand-in-hand, where they are both methods that lend themselves to finding people that are either missing or need to be found. Process servers use these methods to carry out proper investigative due diligence and can use these practices to locate witnesses and debtors as well.

            Private investigators can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake law services that require all manners of detective/investigation services. Photography, recordings and tracing are several methods used by PI’s to conduct their search.

            Skip tracers are people that specialize in locating people by using a wide variety of methods like looking through credit reports, utility bills and phone number databases.

            Locating defendants is definitely within the area of expertise for private investigators and skip tracers. Through their experience and diverse methods/skill set, tracking down people of interest is just another facet of the job.


Welcome to A.C.E., Inc.’s nationwide locate defendant services website! Our nationwide skip tracing and location of defendant services company is here to assist you in taking care of all your process serving needs.


A.C.E., Inc. is a 21-year-old process serving company that has been conducting its business throughout the entire nation, where our corporate office is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. A.C.E., Inc. takes pride in being the go-to process serving company to handle all your legal support and attorney support service needs anywhere in the United States. 

 If you need private investigation or skip tracing services to be handled by a professionally licensed process server in any city, county or state in the U.S., please contact us anytime. We will be sure to provide you with a flat fee and offer you our highest-level quality of service in the nation guaranteed.  

A.C.E., Inc. prides itself on being a nationally recognized process server company that is trustworthy and efficient. We take your business very seriously, where we go through extensive lengths to get the job done in a manner that is accurate and time-sensitive. An appropriate affidavit of service is documented and delivered upon completion of each process server request.

A.C.E., Inc. stands for the “Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation”. Our company is a dedicated national provider of locate defendant and process server services. A.C.E., Inc. licensed and educated process servers are taught in all service of process and courthouse courier services, where they can serve any subpoena, writ or legal action anywhere in the United States.

            A.C.E., Inc. is always mindful of ensuring that we offer our first-rate and most expedient process server services anywhere where our skills are needed in the nation. Our company has experienced process servers readily available to handle your needs on a personalized basis throughout America.

            A.C.E., Inc. has been in the process serving and attorney support service business for over 20 years. We have vast experience and through knowledge when it comes to handling all process serving requests, where most importantly we have a reputation to live up to. We will take care of all your process serving needs around the nation and make sure the job gets done correctly the first time around.

            Locating defendants is just one of our many specialties where numerous attorneys and law firms have called upon our services to serve process to numerous individuals in the most proficient and quickest way possible.

A.C.E., Inc. operates this national locate defendant services website and is not affiliated with any other entity. This website is solely owned and operated by A.C.E., Inc.

Feel free to contact A.C.E., Inc. anytime! We will make sure to respond to all inquiries and take care of them in the most professional and time-sensitive manner possible. Here at A.C.E., Inc. we are here to take care of all legal support and attorney support services across the nation any day and anytime!

Fees start at 195.00. All services are performed within a week to ten days and are not guaranteed. What we can assure you is, we are excellent at finding defendants and just as good serving them however we are about 90% successful within the starting fee budget.


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